Rod Auld - as the quiet one, George Harrison

A love of 50's rock'n'roll and a fascination with guitars inspired Rodney to start playing guitar at age 10. Encouraged by a family of musicians he also learnt bass, drums and keyboards at high school. Early musical influences were broad including Bill Hailey & the Comets, Johnny Cash, AC/DC and just about anything else.

Rodney then spent many years touring Australia with Jon English's concert band playing lead guitar and singing harmonies, including a tour with Jon English's musical 'Buskers & Angels' in 2000.

In recent years Rodney has enjoyed success with country/pop group Jonah's Road playing guitar and singing harmonies and sharing lead vocal duties with John Kater, as well as contributing to songwriting. Jonah's Road has now released two EPs and albums.

These days Rodney considers himself a songwriter as much as anything else, just like George Harrison. Having signed a publishing deal with ABC Rodney has recorded many solo album projects and is looking forward to busy and exciting times ahead with The Beatle Boys!

Rod's favourite tour saying is:

"Er, the song actually goes like THIS..."