John Kater - as the Casanova of 'Beatledom', Paul McCartney

"A Monumental Voice!" A rap good enough if it came out of any of the hundreds of thousands of punters that John has played in front of. But you couldn''t imagine these words would be coming out of Bernard Fanning's mouth too often!

He has come a long way from getting kicked out of his primary school choir. When John was four he was asked by his parent's friend over the phone what he wanted for Christmas. In plain and simple yet underdeveloped language he said 'Beatles'. The adult on the other side perplexed said 'yah ookkkkkkk'. That fake frosty season came and Santa hauled in an album 'Beatles In Italy' - not exactly an album enamoured with the supergroup however it was his world. By the age of 4 years and 3 minutes he could name all of them and could sing their songs. The party trick never got stale for him. Fast forward a couple of decades and 'Beatles In Italy' has shown to pay dividends many times over.

His pretend life has swept him up and down continents and through the rivers of the Brunei's forest, has played for the Sultan himself, played for rock star royalty weddings, looked out at 110,000 people and managed to get his vocal chords to work. He has been on countless radio and TV stations including 702ABC, 2GB, 2UE and 60 Minutes.

He has played the role of Beatle Paul for 20 years now - longer than Paul himself! 'Beatles In italy' has a lot to answer for. When John rediscovered the album online he was speechless, well not in the literal way. He did manage to utter the words 'uh'. This album isn't even live'. Still the compiled and repackaged vinyl was just right to keep a young boy enchanted and inspired.

To this day he sees the grainy little four guys on the front cover flooded by a spot light as the ultimate dream in a rock star's haze.

John's favourite saying on tour is:

"Bass-check, Amp-check.done!"