Nando Pettinato - The solid backbeat for The Beatle Boys.

From his very early days of listening and collecting The Beatle 45's, Nando spent countless hours mastering the drum parts to many of The Beatles songs from his personal collection. By the age of ten he could replicate all of Ringo's parts by ear and with perfect timing - "The Hey Jude album in particular holds a special place in my heart as I would play along to that album over and over and it was a good day when I mastered the shuffle on Old Brown Shoe and could keep in time to the whole song. I think I was about 9 years of age at the time".

Since those Ringo-inspired early days Nando has forged a career as a professional drummer in Sydney and has played alongside many of Sydney's elite players and first call players in all styles of music .Nando is also an accomplished and highly sought after educator having taught over 30,000 lessons to drumming students of all ages since 1991.

A turning point in Nando's career took place in 1993 when he auditioned and was accepted for private tuition with world renowned virtuoso Chad Wackerman (Frank Zappa, Barbra Streisand,James Taylor). The three years of intense private tuition by Chad Wackerman elevated Nando to a level of technique that many drummers can only aspire to. Other influential drummers that Nando listened to intently and learnt from include Jeff Porcaro, Andy Newmark, Gary Husband, and Bernard Purdie. Whilst all this personal development was taking place Nando would still be going back and listening to his first musical love - The Beatles, and over the years has collected about 100 books on all aspects of The Beatles as a band and as solo artists. Basically, Nando is a good guy to have on your team for music trivia nights as any Beatles related questions are answered correctly within split seconds.

Known throughout Sydney for his musicality, impeccable timing and finesse, Nando brings an authentic and genuine mastery of the "Ringo style" to the stage each night with The Beatle Boys.

Nando's favourite saying while on tour is "Are we doing Yellow Submarine tonight?"